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Marker Researchers !! Are you getting new business regularly ?

We help Market Researchers find new clients!!

Market Researchers and consultants would agree that partnering with new clients as research and consulting partners is not easy. Many organizations work with “Preferred Vendor Partners” hence creating new relationships with such clients is always a challenge. It takes a consistent and methodical marketing effort to penetrate these accounts.

We come with an in depth understanding of the Research industry and the dynamics of opportunity identification. We help you scope projects and enhance your lead pipelines to achieve your targeted growth projections.Research & Consulting firms use external agencies like us as an extension of their marketing teams. They may be looking to extend the capacity of their in-house team and enhance their lead pipelines, supplement their internal marketing team’s expertise, retain existing clients or maybe they just aren’t getting the results they need .They may even be startups looking for assistance in business development and relieve themselves from the pressures of marketing while focusing on their core objective of growing their business.

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Why Choose Us

We come with a deep understanding of the Market Research and Consulting industry and its target markets. We have developed successful techniques for opportunity identification and making the right party connections across various Industry verticals.

Research Leads, Inc specializes in creating custom business development programs for new client acquisition for Market Research, Consulting & Advisory firms. Connecting with key decision makers in the right companies and industry segments with relevant messaging is the key to a successful Business Development campaign. We run campaigns, collect account intelligence, reach out to customers, conduct other business development activities and own the complete demand generation for you.

Our competency in account management relieves our clients of the pressures of operations management.We work to develop new opportunities and manage our clients lead pipelines and keep them full by prospecting continuously.

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  • Opportunity Identification
  • Customized Business Development
  • Demand Generation
  • Key Account Management
  • Appointment setting
  • Project scoping
  • Industry/Company research
  • Lead generation & Pipeline tracking
  • List building
  • Data verification
  • In-house Data enhancement
  • Tele-verification

New Client Acquisition

We identify the business verticals that fit your service offerings. We help you connect with decision makers in the right companies and create opportunities that fit your capabilities.

A stable lead to closure ratio is vital for revenue generation and that can be possible only with a good lead pipeline.A constant flow of qualified leads to the marketing teams always helps to maintain a growing and robust lead pipeline.Our opportunity identification,lead qualification and tracking process suits the requirements of mid sized and large companies.

Lead Generation

We will make the initial contact and introduce your company to prospects then help your marketing teams connect with them. The connection at this stage will be a screened contact and not a cold call. This approach will help create a seamless process of lead qualification and will automatically move the prospect to the next level of interaction. Our ability to help you connect with the right decision makers ensures a continuous flow of right party contacts for your marketing teams.

We find new clients for

  • Market Research firms
  • Marketing Research firms
  • Shopper research Firms
  • Survey Companies
  • Branding Firms
  • User experience Research Firms
  • Business advisory & Strategy consulting Firms
  • Public speakers, Business coaches and Mentors
  • Business & Investment consulting firms
  • Businesses that need B2b leads

Forward Thinking

Research Leads,Inc specializes in providing customized business development solutions for Market Research & Marketing Firms to suit their unique needs. Our In- depth understanding of the Market Research Industry Eco system gives us the unique advantage of defining and delivering excellent results to our clients.

We understand the dynamics of the Market Research and Consulting industry, its target market and marketing needs. We have developed successful techniques for opportunity identification and making the right party connections across various Industry verticals. In a market inundated with a zillion service providers, Research leads stands apart as a provider with unique skills and techniques that enable us to provide perfect tailor made solutions to clients facing challenges in new client acquisition.

Give us a call at 1-212-355-2341 to know how we can help you!

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